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Best Mountain Biking in Tennessee

Biking in Cherokee National Forest offers a remarkable and immersive experience for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure amidst the stunning natural beauty of southeastern Tennessee. Spanning over 650,000 acres, this expansive forest presents an array of exhilarating gravel biking trails that cater to all skill levels and preferences. From peaceful meandering paths to thrilling technical routes, bikers can explore diverse terrains ranging from dense woodlands to breathtaking mountaintop vistas. 

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Tanasi Trail System

Cherokee National Forest offers a unique mountain biking experience with its varied terrain and breathtaking scenery. The Tanasi Trail System, accessible from the site of the Ocoee Whitewater Center on Hwy 64, is one of the best. (The Ocoee Whitewater Center burned down in 2022, so no facilities are open and no parking is available at the center.) Named after the Native American village that once thrived here, the Tanasi Trail System of over 20 miles has 7 different trails from easy to challenging, including the Old Copper Road that follows along the Upper Ocoee River. Download a useful map of the Tanasi Trail Systems courtesy of Tennessee Overhill

Chilhowee Trail System

The Chilhowee Trail System offers over 20 miles of outstanding mountain biking and hiking trails in Cherokee National Forest, starting from the northeast edge of Parksville (Ocoee) Lake at Parksville Campground off Hwy 64, and going all the way up Chilhowee Mountain to the scenic Chilhowee Recreation Area at the top. Riders can even cool off after a great ride in McKamy Lake at the top. Trails vary in difficulty, offering options for beginners looking to hone their technique or seasoned veterans craving technical singletrack and flow trails. The lake-area trails are great for younger kids. Breathtaking vistas of Parksville/Ocoee Lake and Ocoee River and distant mountain ranges reward riders at the top. 

Best Mountain Biking in Tennesse

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Several Ocoee Rafting Outfitters offer bike rentals.

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