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Ocoee River Itinerary -1 Day

Rafting + Adventure - Perfect 1 Day Ocoee Getaway

If you find yourself yearning for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a white water rafting trip on the Ocoee River is an absolute must. Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest, this river has gained worldwide recognition as one of the premier whitewater rafting destinations. Here are insider tips for an awesome Ocoee River Corridor 1 day adventure itinerary: a half day of Middle Ocoee River rafting and half day of land or other watersports adventure.

breakfast near the Ocoee River

Adventure Breakfasts Start with Great Coffee

Before heading out on an exciting whitewater rafting adventure, grab a cup of java and breakfast treat at Ocoee Coffee Joint on your way to your rafting outfitter’s location on the west side of the Corridor. If your day starts at the east side of the Ocoee River Corridor near Copperhill, then grab a bite at Yellowbird Coffee Shop.

Ocoee River Quest Expeditions - Ocoee River Rafting

Let the Whitewater Rafting Fun Begin!

Those aged 12+ can take a journey down the Ocoee River where you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views of lush forests and towering mountainsides that add to the allure of this natural playground. The rushing waters will carry you through heart-racing drops, turbulent waves, and swirling eddies as your skilled guide navigates through each rapid with precision and expertise. Whitewater rafting on Ocoee River is an adventure unlike any other – it’s an opportunity to connect with nature’s raw power while forming lasting memories filled with laughter, camaraderie, and pure fun!  

Your start time at your rafting company outpost will depend on your rafting outfitter selected. The first morning trips launch from the put-in at 9AM or 10AM, pending the Ocoee release schedule. Trips are available at various time slots all day. Note that your arrival time at your rafting company outpost needs to account for checkin, gear, river safety talk, and transportation to the put-in. Be sure to note your outfitter’s specified outpost arrival time! Prepare for your trip to be between 3-3.5 hours for either the Middle or the Upper Ocoee river trip

(Of course, you can switch the order of your day of fun: raft in the afternoon and adventure on trails or the lake in the morning!)

lunch near the Ocoee River

Lunch Options after Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River

After an exciting day on America’s favorite whitewater river, your outfitter may have a delectable dining option right there at their rafting center. If they do not, some local favorites on the west side of the Corridor include the Ocoee Shrimp and Grits at Apricot Place Cafe, Big Frog Mountain Burritos at Ocoee Dam Deli & Diner, or grab a delicious pizza at the Ocoee Gondolier.

On the east side of the Ocoee River Corridor, head to Copperhill Brewery or any of the restaurants on the TN/GA border. 

See Food & Drink for more options.

Hiking, Biking, or Swimming near the Ocoee River

Don’t head back home, yet! There is still more to see and do along the beautiful Ocoee River. Go hike to the magnificent waterfall at Benton Falls, or swim or paddle at Mac Pointe Beach Recreation Area or Parksville Beach. Got bikes? Check out Tanasi Trail System located at the Upper Ocoee River entrance for wonderful mountain and gravel biking trails and roads. 

breweries near Nashville

Celebrate Your Adventure Day with Dinner Options

Unwind after a fun-filled day at any of the delicious dining options on the east end like Rod’s Rockin Rolls in Ducktown, TN, or explore the historic downtown area of McCaysville, GA. If you are staying west, Cleveland, TN, has many enticing dinner choices, too. Wherever you go, you will not be disappointed.

See Food & Drink for more options.